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Skeet aka Redneck Clays

2020 Winners


Basically there are 5 shooters to a squad and 25 targets.
Mike sees to it that the setup is never the same twice, so in addition to throwers left and right, they could be coming from behind or even in front. Fee is $7.50/round



This is our version of 5 Stand. There are 5 shooting positions and each shooter gets 5 clays at each position for a possible total of 25 birds. Occasionally there are special targets for bonus points. It all depends on what's available at the time. And not all clays fly. There are some rabbits in the mix too.

Skeet fly on the third Sunday of every month, year 'round. When the winter wind comes down off Buzzell Hill they really take flight.You'll see 12, 16, and 20 gauge shotguns and everything from a rattley old 870 to Citoris and Benelli semis–there was even one black powder sxs. Bring what you have.


Our shotgunners also hold a fundraiser every year, known as the Memorial Clays Shoot. It's a typical shoot, but done in memory of those friends and members who have passed on and are no longer with us.


Proceeds from the shoot go to the scholarship fund. It's held during the summertime–check the schedule.


2020 Winners

January Skeet Shoot Winner:
Timmy Douglas 20 out of 25

February Skeet Shoot Winner:
Mike Ward 12ga 23 out of 25

March Skeet Shoot Winner:
Barry Ames with 22 out of 25

Range closed for April shoot.

May Skeet Shoot Winner:
Judd Dodge with 22 out of 25

June Skeet Shoot Winner:
Mike Ward with 24 out of 25

July Skeet Shoot Winner:
Judd Dodge with 17 out of 25

August Skeet Shoot Winner:
Zachary Benner with 24 out of 25

Memorial Clays Shoot Winner:
Judd Dodge with 23 out of 25

September Skeet Shoot Winner:
Mike Ward with 22 out of 25




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