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That's the physical address of the range. The mailing address is:

P O Box 414, Union, ME 04862

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We have a brand new range site.
Here's the link.

Click here for the 2020 range waiver.


The ladies' shoot was a great success. Most had never shot before so our instructors and range officers guided them through the safe handling of pistol, rifle, shotgun, and archery...and afterwards a number of them decided to give our pistol range a go as well. Our special thanks to Vic, Sarah, and Lou and of course to all the others who made it all possible.


Click here for the 2019 Range Schedule

Check out this Pistol Range video.(Be sure your sound is on.)
Click here for more info.


Range Etiquette...please read, this is important.

We've had a couple of incidents lately which leads me to believe that a few of our members need a reminder. There have been no injuries, thankfully, and we want to keep it that way. So...

When anyone shouts that the range is cold or calls for a cease fire, all weapons are to be unloaded and put down on the benches with the action up and open. Only when all weapons have been cleared can you walk out ahead of the firing line to reset targets.

Once everyone is back behind the firing line again, and the range hot command is given can you reload your weapon and resume firing.

And should you have a malfunction at any time, take your weapon to the railroad tie enclosed safe table between the range covers and resolve the problem there.

Thank you for helping us keep our range safe.



There is no such thing as too much training.


Want to see video of the first combat shoot of the year?
Thanks to Todd we have drone footage.
Click this link

To see the difference between this and what goes on at the Pistol Range
click here


Ladies’ Day First Shot Program

Knox County Fish & Game has a shooting program for ladies with little or no shooting experience. The purpose of the program is to educate and women about firearm usage and safety as well as to promote and encourage participation in the shooting sports.  The program is designed to create a positive environment that provides women the opportunity to shoot a variety of firearms including handguns, rifles and shotguns.  There is also an opportunity to shoot a bow and arrow. Several certified instructors provide the instruction and oversee the activities.  The program is designed to be safe, educational and fun. 

The program is for ladies at least 18 years old who are beginners or who have never shot.  Check in begins at 8:30 am with the program beginning promptly at 8:45 with a safety briefing and range orientation.  Ladies who are not at the safety briefing will not participate.  The cost of the program is $20 to cover the cost of ammunition, targets and other related expenses. In order to provide a non-threatening atmosphere without distractions, spectators, children, significant others, boyfriends or husbands may not attend. All equipment and supplies will be provided.

For additional information or to register, contact Vic Maccallum at 975-4447 or
Click here for an introductory video courtesy of Village Soup TV

Click here for the 2020 range waiver.

For those who have been around for a while, you can download the Renewal Membership form.

Our Pistol Range

Did you try our walk-through pistol range to the right of the clubhouse this past season?

Lou invested considerable time and ingenuity building our very own training facility so that you can practice with realistic situations....

Home Invasion...


Hostage Situation...




There is also a classroom, a backyard, offhand barricade, and others.

It requires about 30 rounds per walk-through, it's set up all the time,
and it's free to members.

Here's that link again



Our Memorial Skeet Shoot was held July 30th.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, here is what it is all about...


It's easy enough join, and you won't find a better deal anywhere.

Range Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to download an application.

You'll need to send in a range waiver to get the new combinatuion.
Click here to download a waiver.
(Pass it in at the next shoot, or mail it to P O Box 88 Lincolnville 04849)

And then click here to find out how to save money on your membership.

Scheduled shoots are open to the public, otherwise it is strictly members and their guests.
Member or guest, EVERYONE using the range is subject to the rules.


The results for the Steel Challenge match have been posted on PractiScore.


Work on the range is ongoing, and we are making progress. There is still plenty to do and volunteers are always welcome. If you come to help, don't forget to ask about our work incentive cards. Annual dues are $100, but if that's not in your budget, you should be interested in what the KCF&G ByLaws have to say on the subject...

§ 3. Members may reduce their annual dues by participating in the work incentive program. Dues are reduced $5.00 for each hour worked at the club up to the cost of their membership. Respective club officers are to approve the scope of the work beforehand and verify the member's hours.


Click here to check out where you can be part of the work at the range.

Keep the combination to yourself, and lock the gate when you leave.

Our Combat Shoots are becoming more and more popular. If you'd like to see just what they are like,
check out these videos that Todd took during the September shoot...

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4



  • Most everyone does a good job of picking up after shooting–policing brass and shotgun hulls–but there have been a lot of old paper targets left around and shot up target frames that made a mess of the range. That stuff needs to be picked up as well.

  • Emptying the dumpster costs us money, even though Wayne Heal gives us a really good deal. So as not to fill it up any sooner than necessary, you can help by leaving all cardboard alongside of it so that it can be recycled instead of filling up the dumpster.


All participants shall provide their own firearms and all necessary ammo.

Pins 'N Plates

.22 caliber rimfire pistol and/or rifle
Two shoot at a time, side by side.
With your pistol shoot down 5 pins & 1 steel plate or with your rifle shoot down 6 steel plates before your opponent.
Iron sights or red dots are okay
Participants are not obligated to shoot both firearms. You can shoot either or both.
Match fees are $5.00 for pistol and $5.00 for rifle.

For the uninitiated, here is the setup for two shooters...5 pins on the rack and one small steel plate alongside. Each shooter is allowed 20 rounds (10/mag, max), revolver or semi auto, .22 rimfire. The first to knock off all five pins and then the steel plate wins. Range is approximately 7 yards.( Here's a hint: some of those pins have a lot of lead in them, so you want to hit them high.)

Scroll down or click here for videos taken during our October shoot.

pins setup\

And this is how it's done...

how it's done

Rifles are used on the steel plates, at about 20 yards. Same setup, just smaller targets.
5 plates on the rack (2 small ones + 3 larger) and then a small one alongside.


You've got to be careful with the pair of little plates on top.
Hit them too high and they will bounce right back up. Only a knockdown counts.

(Thanks Don, for taking the photos.)

Care to see some videos of Pins 'N Plates at the range?

Plates 1 ...................Pins.....................Plates2

(These are YouTube links, so you'll need your back button to return to this page after you watch them.)

Thanks Todd–great idea.

And here's another Pins 'N Plates video.

Back along Richard Peek stopped by to check out a Pins 'n Plates shoot, and while he was there,
decided to shoot some video. He apparently sent it to me a couple of weeks ago, but it didn't show up until recently.
Click here to check it out.
Thanks Richard.


Redneck Clays

Similar to 5 stand
$7.50 entry fee per round (still one of the best deals in Maine)
Practice Range (while you're waiting your turn) $2.50/10 birds


Only one photo for Redneck Clays? There are more, two of which are in the new Beaver Lodge brochures.


Centerfire Handgun
(otherwise known as Combat)

.38 thru .45acp caliber auto or revolver
4 stages, timed.
Holster required.

Thanks to Mike Ward, who took these videos at the first shoot.
You'll find the most recent ones at the top of this page.

Video 1...........Video 2..........Video 3



Black Powder

Smoke Pole

Muzzle loading rifle and/or cap & ball pistol.
Match fee depends on the targets selected.

If you've wondered why our new range cover is as tall as it is, these guys are the reason. Ramrods just don't handle well under the lower cover. Our shooters are rated among the best in New England. Come see what it's all about...better yet, come and join in.



The range is open from 9:00am to 7:00pm during the summer and from 9:00am to dusk the remainder of the year. You don't have to guess when the changeover is made, just look for the green and white sign on the fence by the entrance. We are closed during the month of November EXCEPT SUNDAYS. Since ours is the only range in Knox County, it is reserved from time to time during the year for use by local law enforcement and Coast Guard for required qualification. Notice will be posted on the bulletin board by th road ahead of time as well as here on this page, because it is closed to other shooters while they are using the range. Make it a habit to check here before heading out so you won't be disappointed.

Please note that our insurance carrier requires that everyone who intends to use the range must have a signed waver on file with the Range Master. You can download a waiver by clicking here, or you can sign one in the clubhouse the day of a shoot. Not a member? We can help with that.

Whether you come to practice or to join one of our organized shoots, understand that safety and respect for others are our primary concerns. Every new member receives a copy of the range rules along with their membership card and window decal. If you wish, you can download another copy and print it on your own.

Range Email List

Everyone who is signed up for the range email list receives the latest information on shoots and other goins' on as soon as is becomes available. If you're not receiving the updates, contact us.





Match schedules are subject to change without notice, though members on the range email list will be notified ASAP

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Range Rules

• To use the range, you must be a member and we must have your signed waiver on file.
• Range rules are posted at the gate, read and become familiar with them.
• Pistols, rifles, and shotguns are allowed
• Not allowed: full auto, bump stocks, .50BMG, exploding targets
No firearms may be discharged prior to 09:00!–maintaining good neighborhood relations is a critical and ongoing concern.
• Hearing and eye protection will be worn by shooters and observers alike while firing line is engaged in live fire.
• All targets must be supported on frames no taller than 5 feet.
• No target stands are to be placed on top of any of the berms.
• All shooting will be from a safe position with respect to others.
• All firearms will be unloaded on the firing line when not in use, and all firearms will be unloaded, in a safe position, and not touched while others are down range.
• Absolutely no rifle or pistol round will be discharged over the 100-yard berm, though shotguns loaded with 7½, 8,or 9 shot may be discharged into the air when shooting at clay targets.
• For safety reasons, guests (2 maximum) must be accompanied by a member.


• Alcoholic beverages
• Automatic firearms or any firearm with a slide/bump stock
• Exploding targets of any kind
• Glass or food targets

A violation can get you barred from the range.


Pick up your brass and discard paper targets and hulls in the dumpster by the club house.

Policing the range is everyone's responsibility.




Questions or concerns? Email Range Master Walt Simmons.

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