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Knox County Fish & Game Association
Eye of the Hawk Range
66 Beaver Lodge Road, Hope, ME
That's the physical address of the range. The mailing address is:

P O Box 414, Union, ME 04862

eye of the hawk


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The range is closed for the month of November except for scheduled Sunday shoots.

Winter Schedule
  2nd Sunday Black Powder
  3rd Sunday Skeet


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Waivers must be signed and dated 2021. Sorry, older waivers with 2020 crossed out and 2021 written in are not acceptable.

2022 Waivers will be available in late December


A single range web page was getting too big to handle, so we've simplified it and added these links to help you find the info you need quickly:

Range Rules

Range Benefit Raffle
Our finances took a big hit with this virus mess. We had hoped that our raffle would fnance new range improvements but we've still got hundreds of tickets to sell. Need a gift idea? How about raffle tickets? The odds of winning a prize are 1 in 234, where the odds of a state raffle are about the same whether you buy a ticket or not...

Black Powder Shoots

Centerfire Pistol (Combat) Shoots

Skeet (Redneck Clays) Shoots

Rimfire Pins 'n Plates Shoots

Pistol Range

Ladies' Day and First Shot Program

Frequently Asked Questions

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This is from an article entitled "The Best Shooting Ranges in Maine" :

Knox CountyBeaver Lodge Fish & Game Association – Union
is an all-around outdoor experience not only for shooting, it’s also great if you want to experience shooting outdoors. They have an outdoor pistol range that has realistic simulations added to it. 
Using these simulations, you can train yourself to face a home invasion,a hostage situation, or a terrorists attack, to that will help you prepare if those situations do happen in real life.
There is also a classroom, a backyard, and an offhand barricade. They also have other shooting activities you can try like the memorial skeet shoot, pins ‘n plates, redneck clays, and black powder. 

The article is from the site



Work on the range is ongoing, and we are making progress. There is still plenty to do and volunteers are always welcome. If you come to help, don't forget to ask about our work incentive cards. Annual dues are $125, but if that's not in your budget, you should be interested in what the KCF&G ByLaws have to say on the subject...

§ 3. Members may reduce their annual dues by participating in the work incentive program. Dues are reduced $5.00 for each hour worked at the club up to the cost of their membership. Respective club officers are to approve the scope of the work beforehand and verify the member's hours.


Click here to check out where you can be part of the work at the range.



Everyone who is signed up for the range email list receives the latest information on shoots and other goins' on as soon as is becomes available. If you're not receiving the updates, contact us


Questions or concerns? Email Range Master Walt Simmons.

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