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Ongoing work at the Range

It's getting so that there is so much information on the range page that it is becoming difficult to find what you are looking for–that's why we've add this additional page. So this is where to check to see what we are doing, what we plan to do, and what we eventually hope to do to improve useability and safety of the range.

We have a bit more fencing to do

beginning with fixing the right-hand post that supports the drive through gate. That needs to be dug up, the cement broken away, and have a truncated base installed so it won't heave with the frost. We are also looking for ways to block the view into that part of the range from the road. I don't know as we might be able to put slats in the cyclone fencing, but there ought to be some way to accomplish it without spending a fortune (which we don't have anyway.)

The big job is of course the work on the berms

We've received all 1000 tires and some have been placed. It's not a difficult job, but it does take time, and it needs to be done before placing fill. We have a lot of fill in the parking lot, and have just been offered considerably more. We've got a few members with tractors who are ready and willing to help, and could use more. What we could really use is someone with a big loader or excavator who is willing to help us, say in return for our paying transportation costs and possibly a Life Membership. There's no way we can afford to hire one for the going rate of $500 an hour.

In any case, here's an overhead view of the range courtesy of Google Earth. I added white lines to indicate the new divider berm as well as where we need to be working on the side and on the 100 yard berm. It's a big job, no doubt about it, but I'm confident we can handle it. I'll be there with my Kubota, how about you?


Dirt work & slinging tires not your thing? How about a little carpenter work?

The door to the clubhouse is forward of the firing line. We had discussed moving the building, but figure it is a whole lot easier to relocate the door, and the building is pretty humble anyway. The plan is to install a new access door on the road side of the building right where the refrigerator is now, and move the refrigerator over to where the existing door is. We'll buy the new steel clad door and the rest of the materials needed for installing the door and the step outside. Any takers?

Is painting more your thing?

Once the clubhouse door is moved and the hole from the old one is filled in, the clubhouse could stand a coat of paint–actually, it needs it badly. Like with the door, the range will furnish the materials.


Did you know that Knox County Fish & Game Association has over 300 members? Seems so we ought to have enough members willing to help to get these jobs done. And are you aware that putting in time at the range can help reduce the cost of your annual dues? It can.
Questions? Email me.