Knox County Fish & Game Association


This is a private range for members and their guests, though scheduled Sunday shoots are open to the public.

Hours:09:00-dusk (off season) 09:00-19:00 (Summer months)

[We are closed during November, except for Sundays, and at certain times for law enforcement qualification–their fees help us to pay expenses and keep the range open.]


Range Rules

• To use the range, we must have your signed waiver on file.

Download one right here.

• Range rules are posted at the gate, read and become familiar with them.

• Pistols, rifles, and shotguns are allowed, but not .50BMG.

• No firearms may be discharged prior to 09:00!–maintaining good neighborhood relations is an ongoing concern.

• Hearing and eye protection will be worn by shooters and observers alike while firing line is engaged in live fire.

• All targets must be supported on frames no taller than 5 feet.

• No target stands are to be placed on top of any of the berms.

• All shooting will be from a safe position with respect to others.

• All firearms will be unloaded on the firing line when not in use, and all firearms will be unloaded, in a safe position, and not touched while others are down range.

• If you have a malfunction, take your firearm to the railroad tie safe table between the covered firing lines and work on it there.

• Absolutely no rifle or pistol round will be discharged over the side berms or the 100-yard berm, though shotguns loaded with 7½, 8, or 9 shot may be discharged into the air when shooting at clay targets.

• For safety reasons, guests (2 maximum) must be accompanied by a member.

• Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

• Police your brass and discard your targets when you are finished

• Break down cardboard and leave it alongside the dumpster.

There are additional rules for the Pistol Range. Click here.



• Alcoholic beverages or drugs of any kind

• Automatic firearms or any firearm with a slide/bump stock, hyperfire trigger, or any device that greatly increases the rate of fire

• Tracer and explosive rounds

• Glass or food targets

• Exploding targets


Yes, that's a lot of rules–each and every one of them added to promote the safe operation of our range. We have an excellent safety record, and with everyone's help we will keep it that way. To that end, be sure to assist new members when they need help, and caution them if their actions could be unsafe.

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