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Rimfire Pins 'n Plates




Designed for .22 caliber rimfire pistol and/or rifle with two shooters at a time, side by side. With your pistol shoot down 5 pins & 1 steel plate or with your rifle shoot down 6 steel plates before your opponent. Iron sights or red dots are okay
Participants are not obligated to shoot both firearms. You can shoot either or both. Fees are $5.00 for pistol and $5.00 for rifle.


Shoots are typically held every month from April through October, but you'll want to check the schedule and/or pay attention to range notification emails just in case there is a change.


You can use any .22 rimfire rifle or pistol. Semi-autos are limited to two magazines with a maximum of 10 rounds each. You'll want a couple of boxes of ammo because we each step up to the line 10 times. Of course if you only shoot rifle or pistol and don't miss you'll only need 60 rounds...


Children are allowed as long as they are supervised by a parent or guardian. (Many kids shoot surprisingly well–you can't do better than young eyes and reflexes.)


We've had to replace these pin racks. It was getting so if you hit the right spot you could drop 3 pins with a single shot...

For safety reasons, ears and eyes are required. If you don't have them, there are some in the clubhouse. We are shooting steel plates at 20 yards on the rifle side and stuff does come back toward the firing line from time to time.



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Come join us!

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