Knox County Fish & Game Association

Centerfire Pistol aka Combat


The setup changes with every stage and targets range from typical IPSC cardboard (with barricades and hostages to make it interesting), to steel plates, a dueling tree, and even a Texas Star. .38 thru .45acp caliber auto or revolver, 4 stages, timed.
Holster required. Fee is $10.00

Todd took some drone footage of one of the shoots.
Click here to see it.

Every stage changes and every month changes. Some parts are easy, some not so much. That Texas Star is a notorious ammo eater, but it is always fun.


Combat shoots are usually held on the fourth Sunday of every month from May through October. The results are posted on PractiScore. We rarely depart from that schedule, but it does happen, so watch for range email notifications. They are sent out Thursday or Friday. If you are not on the list, let us know.

Currently, finding centerfire ammo is a problem. Most all local sources are fresh out, but there is still some to be had online. If you're having problems you'll want to check ammoseek.com. They don't sell anything, but they do continually search the web and bring back a list of what's available so that you can compare features and prices. Hopefully this craziness will be overwith in a few months.


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