Knox County Fish & Game Association

Black Powder



Muzzle loading rifle and/or cap & ball pistol. Match fee depends on the targets selected–typically around 10 bucks. If you've wondered why our new range cover is as tall as it is, these guys are the reason. Ramrods just don't handle well under the lower cover. Our shooters are rated among the best in New England.

Black Powder shoots are held on the second Sunday of every month, all year 'round. These guys have been there on mornings when it's so blasted cold that they didn't dare to shut their trucks off. You don't have to be crazy, but apparently it helps–as does the new heater in the clubhouse.

These shoots typically run into the afternoon hours. They rarely go past 2 o'clock, so after that the range is available to other members.


We always have room for more shooters. Flintlock, cap and ball, or even modern–if it shoots black powder and produces blue smoke you'll be welcome.

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