Proposed Range Improvements for 2018















Our clubhouse was built 36 years ago and it has served us well, but time has come to make some much-needed updates. Despite the weather, we’ve already started.

In order of priority:

1/ Install new clubhouse entry door–completed by Lou between snowstorms for $260 in materials Done

2/Expand the training range to the right of the clubhouse to include more close range targets, lots more steel targets, and additional scenarios (7-11, bank, etc.) Projected materials cost $250 Done

3/Build 8’ x 16’ addition along the left side of the clubhouse for the storage of clays, skeet throwers, and steel targets. Projected materials cost $1550
In progress

4/Remove useless back door and relocate two windows in the clubhouse. Projected materials cost $75

5/Replace fluorescent lighting inside clubhouse with new and brighter LED fixtures. Projected materials cost $125 Done

6/Paint drop down shooting tables under the covered portion of the range. No cost–we already have the paint. What we need is a painter.

7/Add insulated skirting to the clubhouse to stop frost from heaving the floor and wracking the building. Projected materials cost for pressure treated plywood and blueboard TBD.

We can accomplish all but the skirting for $2000, but after paying Winter expenses and setting aside enough to pay CMP and dumpster fees, range accounts amount to about $500.  Any ideas for fundraisers–aside from Mike’s proposed topless skeet shoot?

Other Improvements Needed


There is ample opportunity here for everyone to pitch in and help, and save on the cost of next year’s dues while you’re at it. Over 250 of our members use the range, so completing this list shouldn't be a problem. We’ll see.